#Resist Volunteer Manager

Full Time
FLSA Status: 
$55,000-$65,000 DOE
Work Location: 
Remote OK
Position Summary: 

Launched by Meetup in February 2017 as a response to the first Muslim travel ban from the Trump administration, #Resist is now housed with NDWA and has grown into a network of almost 200,000 activists who show up locally on some of today’s most pressing issues. #Resisters are organized into 1,100 geographically based, local groups that continue to run on the digital platform, Meetup, and grow bigger by the day. In #Resist, volunteers can find and talk to like-minded neighbors, host local events, or join in person actions from other #Resisters and local organizations already leading on issues from gun violence to immigration to improving healthcare.

One year after launching, #Resist wants to keep inviting more folks to the table, providing more guidance, support, inspiration, and resources to volunteers acting locally. NDWA is looking for a digital organizer who will serve the #Resist network as the Volunteer Manager. This position will be responsible for the day to day support of #Resisters as we gear up for an election season post Women’s March, take on white supremacy and create a broader coalition of women ready to follow Women of Color feminism, and fight to keep our neighbors safe with pro-immigration policies and spaces.

  • Initiate and maintain daily communication with members to provide support. This includes answering questions or addressing feedback sent into the #Resist inbox and proactively engaging active volunteers on the Meetup Platform and beyond
  • Establish regular communication with and recruitment of local volunteer leaders, connecting them to additional resources and support as available
  • Create informal infrastructure to recruit and maintain a volunteer ‘trainers circle’ -- volunteers on standby to provide training resources to others in the region
  • Provide basic training and condensed resources on organizing and event basics, as well as timely, creative trainings that include political analysis or education
  • Create and maintain a well researched and crowdsourced database of local organizations, resources, and common advocacy targets, highlighting organizations led by People of Color or engaged in anti-racist work
  • Contribute to creative mobilization of volunteers around #Resist and partner programming, electoral dates, and reactions to current events or opportunities
  • Actively route volunteers into spaces that match their area of interest, skills or experience, or leadership abilities when possible
  • Commit to formal weekly check-ins with the #Resist Director, and some formal weekly reporting to track membership benchmarks, including: leaders recruited, new groups added, members engaged and resulting events hosted, reactivating dormant members, and highlighting user generated content and successes
  • Help anticipate the needs of volunteers and contribute to guides, platform content, and tools that enable participation or empower self-organizing
  • Build and collaborate with a team of ‘administrative’ volunteer leaders who monitor the overall health and effectiveness of the #Resist ecosystem
Job Requirements: 

Required Qualifications:

  • Loves spending the day talking to strangers who just want to help
  • Proven commitment to improving civic engagement, empowering everyday people to take meaningful action
  • 5+ years as an organizer or volunteer manager, with experience in leadership development
  • Familiarity with using digital tools to recruit, connect, manage, and mobilize volunteers
  • Some experience drafting digital copy, organizing guides, event how-to kits, or other campaign and advocacy materials
  • Basic training skills or facilitation skills, especially for an audience across technical skill level and experience levels

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Basic understanding of the political process and proven track record mobilizing volunteers to influence it on a large or national level
  • Some experience in anti-racist work, or uniting women across background behind a more intersectional approach to politics, and following Women of Color feminism
  • Familiarity with the Slack and Meetup platforms

Women, People of Color, People with Disabilities and LGBTQ people strongly urged to apply. Applications will only be accepted electronically. Please email a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to jobs@domesticworkers.org and indicate "#Resist Volunteer Manager" in the subject line. Please include a daytime phone number where we can contact you. This position will remain open until filled.